Thoughts For Thanksgiving

When is a treat not a treat?
Do I even need to say it? People food is not good for pets. In fact, chocolate, raisins, alcohol, macadamia nuts, bread dough, and onions are downright dangerous. If your pet ingests any of these, it’s time to call a vet. For a more comprehensive list of foods to watch out for, visit this ASPCA link. Even foods high in fat can cause issues, such as a life-threatening inflammatory condition of the pancreas called “Pancreatitis.”

Healthy alternatives
There are so many healthy options for pets, now, that it’s easy to pick up something safe and appropriate. Here at Gem Vet, we have a nice variety to choose from. For cats, we have Greenies, Grain Free Crunchy Creations, and Science Diet T/D. For dogs, we have lean treats, CET chews, Cranberry and Pumpkin treats, and more. Oh yes, and did I mention that we carry Turkey Dinner for both cats and dogs? Swing by and check it out!

Garbage in, garbage out
If you don’t have your garbage can safely locked away, your pet is very likely to get into the trash to munch on leftovers. This goes right back to pancreatitis and tummy issues. If your pet eats a nonfood item because it’s covered in gravy things can get very bad very quickly. Believe it or not, we once received a call about a dog that had eaten a metal fork. The string that sometimes comes wrapped around turkey and roast is also something that can tangle up your pet’s digestive system. Cats seem to be especially tempted by it. Be safe. Take trash right outside and make sure that it’s been safely secured.

Safe haven
Better still, let your pet stay safely in another room during the festivities. This heads off many potential dangerous situations. For instance, it keeps pets away from tempting trash and inappropriate “treats.” It prevents children and guests from sneaking food to pets (I mean, who can resist that sweet, begging face?) It also prevents indoor-only pets from escaping. It would be a tragedy for your beloved pet to go missing or get injured while running around loose outside during the holiday.

Work it out
Consider helping your pet burn off a little nervous energy by playing with it extensively the day before a holiday, and the morning of the holiday. It will behave better and be calmer. As an added bonus, it will help you be happier and calmer as well. Besides, isn’t playtime one of the biggest perks of pet ownership?

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


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