There is an easier way to get your pet’s food!

dogeatingbreakfastinbedPicture this…It’s dinner time for the furry kids, how do you know this?? Because they have told you for the past hour that it was coming!!! You go to their bag of food and find out with DREAD that the bag is ‘gulp’, E-M-P-T-Y!! After a mad bag shake trying to get out every last kibble and dust you realize there is no way they will be happy with what you present them! You turn around to find pairs of eyes looking at you expectantly and you’ve got NOTHING and their food store is closed!!! You reluctantly give up your tasty steak dinner to the dog and a can of tuna fish for the cat and all you are left with is some limp broccoli!! But better that, than a lost limb!!
Now picture this scenario…You go to and click on the on-line store and purchase a bag of food from a multiple group of food suppliers, including: EUKANUBA, IAMS, PURINA, ROYAL CANIN AND SCIENCE DIET, they will get you set up with automatic delivery based on how often you need food and it gets AUTOMATICALLY SHIPPED TO YOUR HOUSE! Your pet(s) get their food and you get your steak dinner. Life is good for everyone!!

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