Gem Veterinary Clinic is happy to offer complete medical and surgical care for your pet. We are a progressive clinic with the latest in technology and treatment options. Below is an example of our services for dogs, cats, and pocket pets.

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Wellness Examinations
Gem Veterinary Clinic as well as the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommends examination of your pet every 6 to 12 months. Your veterinarian and staff will thoroughly examine your pet and make recommendations according to your pet’s current condition. Our doctors are also accredited to certify health certificates for travel outside Idaho to other states or countries. Click below for our related forms:
Canine Annual Wellness Exam
Feline Annual Wellness Exam

Immunizations (Vaccinations)
We customize your pet’s immunization and parasite control protocol according to his/her specific needs and condition.

Puppy and Kitten Vaccine Packages
Gem Veterinary Clinic is now offering puppy and kitty vaccine packages. These discounted packages are designed to include all the vaccinations needed for your newly acquired puppy or kitten’s first year of life. Vaccines are a very important way to protect your “new addition” to the family from potential viruses and diseases. Click below for our related forms:
Puppy Immunizations Package
Kitten Immunization Package

Senior Wellness Programs
The doctors and staff at Gem Veterinary Clinic recognize the special needs and requirements of our “Senior Citizen” patients. Dogs and cats over the age of 7 are considered “senior”. Much like your human physician recommends various screenings and annual lab work, we as your pet’s doctor; recommend annual labwork and screenings in an attempt to help increase the longevity and quality of your pet’s life. Gem Veterinary Clinic recommends an affordable senior wellness package for our senior patients. Studies show that 1 in 4 healthy senior patients will have laboratory abnormalities when tested annually. Most of these conditions can be treated if not cured with early detection and treatment. By performing these comprehensive diagnostic tests and examinations, we are able to evaluate internal and external organ functions as well as the physical and nutritional status of your pet. Frequently, during these screenings, we find early preventable stages of kidney, liver, and/or hormonal diseases. With early diagnosis we can help extend the length of your pet’s life and more importantly, improve the quality of life for your aging pet. Click below for our related forms:
Senior Annual Wellness Exam

Comprehensive Examinations for Ill Pets
Comprehensive Examinations: Our staff and doctors are trained to evaluate every aspect of your pet’s health. We examine your pet from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. Findings help determine if further diagnostic testing is necessary and/or aid in the development of a treatment plan.

Affordable Spay/Neuter
Affordable Spay/Neuter: Gem Veterinary Clinic recognizes the importance of helping control pet overpopulation. We provide reasonable and competitive rates to sterilize your pet. We also educate the public on the health benefits of early spay/neuter programs such as eliminating certain cancers, decreasing the chance of critical conditions, and decreasing certain behavioral issues.

Dental Programs and Treatment
Dental Programs and Treatment: Periodontal disease is the #1 disease diagnosed in our pets. Dental disease is more common than cancer or heart disease, in fact, 80% of dogs and cats over the age of 3 have some degree of the disease. Unlike other diseases, periodontal disease is easier to prevent. Studies show that the lifespan of pets can increase 2-3 years longer with proper dental care. Bacteria associated with this disease can lead to kidney, heart, and other metabolic diseases. These bacteria also contribute to “bad breath”. We have programs to combat periodontal disease and provide affordable dental treatment. Click below for our related forms:
Dental Health Information

Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery
Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery: The staff at Gem Vet adheres to the highest standard of care when it comes to surgery. Our doctors combine for over 50 years of experience in the surgical suite. The clinic is equipped to perform exploratory abdominal surgeries, repair torn ACL knee ligaments, fix fractures with external skeletal fixation (ESF), and treat tumors (cancer) as well as perform routine spay, neuter, dewclaw removal and tail docking, declawing, laceration repair, and lump removal procedures. Click below for our related forms:
Anesthesia and Sedation Consent Form

In-house Laboratory Testing
In House Laboratory Testing: Gem Vet offers complete in house laboratory evaluation including blood chemistry analysis, electrolyte quantization, complete blood counts (CBC), thyroid screening, critical care panels, urine evaluation, and cytology. With the use of the newest and most advanced technology we are able to assess a patient’s medical status through a white blood cell count for infection/inflammation, anemia check, kidney and liver functioning, electrolyte and hydration status, thyroid levels, and check for major medical conditions such as diabetes, chronic liver failure, renal disease, among other conditions, including bleeding disorders

DNA Testing
Have you ever wondered about the ancestry of your mixed-breed dog? We can take a DNA sample and find out for you!

Radiology (x-ray)
Radiology (X-rays): We are fully equipped to take x-rays of your pet. We take x-rays on a daily basis to evaluate pregnancies, determine fracture healing, and for diagnostic purposes. We also have access to a board certified radiologist for special interpretations and ultrasound procedures. We offer OFA (orthopedic foundation for animals) hip and elbow certification.

Oncology (cancer) Treatment and Surgery
In the scary event your pet is diagnosed with cancer we are able to treat surgically and with chemotherapy. Certain tumors are referred to a specialist for more advanced treatment.

Microchip Identification
We know how important your pets are, especially how much a part of the family they have become. We promote that all pets be permanently chipped for identification purposes in the rare event your pet gets lost. Home Again is a compassionate and reputable company.

Our doctors use the newest technology to collect, gather, send, and transmit information to specialists around the world. We can contact a specialist via the phone or Internet to consult about critical cases or acquire the newest treatment recommendation for rare or specialized cases. We can even transmit digitized x-rays, send electrocardiograms (ECG), and get up to date laboratory results online.

Specialist Referrals
Gem Veterinary clinic offers the most advanced and progressive medicine available. In fact, we have immediate access to board certified specialists in the fields of surgery, internal medicine, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, feline behavior, critical care, and physical therapy. In rare advanced or critical cases in which our doctors need specialized equipment or twenty four hour hospitalized care they refer patients to West Vet Emergency and Specialty Center located in Garden City. We also can order special tests and treatment for an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), a CT (computer tomography) scan, fluoroscopy (dynamic radiography), advanced orthopedic, spine, and soft tissue surgery, internal medicine consultation, advanced eye care, allergy and skin consultations, as well as physical therapy for post-operative procedures and/or fitness programs.

House Calls
Some of our clients feel that their pets do better at home and get stressed when brought to a veterinary clinic. With advanced notice we can schedule house calls for routine visits that do not require special equipment or surgery. We also offer house call euthanasia as we know how difficult that time can be for both our client and their pet. That way, our patient can cross that rainbow bridge in the comfort of their own home.