One pet’s hope

GVC staff member Tracy, is a proud mama to this girl Piper Ann, a 9 year old Golden Retriever. A few months ago Piper came into the clinic to be seen for a limping issue. After several x-rays and exams, Piper was referred to WestVet Speciality Center. Piper underwent an MRI and was finally diagnosed with a Hemangiosarcoma (an aggressive, malignant tumor of blood vessel cells). They are highly metastatic and will frequently spread to the brain, but also to the lungs, spleen, heart, kidneys, skeletal muscle and bone. Because of where the tumor was located, surgery was deemed not possible. There was not a lot of hope for Piper….

Not long after Piper was diagnosed, a pharmaceutical representative came into GVC and told us about a new product “Kinavet” a chemotherapy drug that has been proven to shrink most malignant tumors. With nothing to lose, Piper was begun on a course of the chemotherapy.

The first few weeks were extremely hard on Piper and her family. Lots of tears were shed and a lot of thought went into Piper’s quality of life. Piper was a typical chemotherapy patient she has been nauseous (which has been treated with Cerenia, an antiemetic), weight loss (probably due to the nauseousness and Piper now get’s to eat pretty much whatever she wants) and she also has had a considerable amount of lymphodema (swelling) on the leg where her tumor is located.

Piper was here for some routine bloodwork yesterday and although the length of time that we’ll actually get to have Piper in our lives is still unknown (as it is for all of us) she is doing well. Her bloodwork is maintaining, the swelling is reducing and most importantly…PIPER IS HAPPY!!!

We here at Gem Veterinary Clinic wish nothing but the best for Piper Ann. All of us animal lovers know that our pets unfortunately don’t live forever, but it’s good to know that through science they are getting to live longer!

If you have a pet that you love, please make sure that you are getting routine wellness exams and preventative bloodwork done to ensure that you can keep them as long as possible. As the old saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!

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