Old dogs…

Old_Dogs_CoverOld dogs….It is about this time of year we get a lot of calls from owners whom are contemplating euthanasia of their old dog because, “they just can’t get around like they use to.” In Idaho, animals are considered property therefore an owner has the right to decide when they think it is time for a pet to be euthanized. Nine times out of ten, we do what is requested of us because we have a “developed relationship” with the client and we know that they believe that they have made the best decision for their beloved pet. But, occasionally when a pet comes in that old age seems to be its only issue, we begin to question what is truly in the best interest of the pet.
Just because a pet is old doesn’t necessarily mean that it is time to say goodbye. Age is relative, what truly matters is quality of life. “Old dogs” suffer from many of the same things that bother “old humans” one such issue is arthritis. Most of the “old dogs” that come in for euthanasia would probably act like “young pups” again if the owner would put their pet on a prescription of a NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). When “old dogs” suffer from arthritis you often see them having trouble getting up and laying down, trouble with having a bowel movement or will also leak urine (this one could also be a sign of a bladder infection or urinary incontinence, both can also be treated).
Although we applaud your efforts in not wanting your pet to suffer please don’t hesitate to ask us if there is anything else that can be done to add quality to the quantity of life for your best friend!
Gem Veterinary Clinic offers Senior Wellness Packages that an owner can take advantage of for any pet over 7 years of age. The Package includes: *Senior consultation *Annual vaccinations (unless doctor has recommended otherwise) *Arthritis evaluation *Nutritional assessment *Complete blood count *Biochemical analysis and a Comprehensive Senior Wellness Package would include the above as well as a Thyroid screening and Urinalysis. The package saves you 15% off our regular prices!! Just because you have an “old dog” doesn’t mean they can’t be healthy and happy!
So before you make the decision that nobody wants to make, give us a call at 365-6008 and we’ll do our best to keep your pet as a part of your family for as long as possible!

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